Murals – Art by Lavinia

May 28, 2023

Bramston Beach Mural workshop day 2!

Another amazingly beautiful day and another fantastic turnout 🙌🙌

Such an incredible weekend ! I have loved getting to meet and chat with so many beautiful community members and have really enjoyed getting to know you all.

I hope you all are incredibly proud of the fantastic work you have done over the weekend ❤️🙌🙌🙌

Also a massive thank you to the Bramston Beach BBRPPA for putting on another delicious BBQ and and to Cairns Regional Council for coming down with a wonderful informative interactive stand and free pet goodies and to Brett Moller – Div. 1 Councillor, Cairns Regional Council and your lovely wife for coming down and adding paint to the wall also ! 🙌

Stay tuned …… over the next few days the finishing touches, detail, outlines and highlights will be added and we will showcase your newly completed beautiful Bramston Beach Mural!!!

Wilma Stevens


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